Wednesday, July 5, 2006

a tribute to Waldozer

well... borrowed my roommates cellphone and tried to call my friend Susan but i guess she had the day off and wasnt there to be found... so then i called my Grandpa to wish him a late Happy 4th of July... we had a pretty good talk... told him about my training class that i started to day... and he said well you cant be CEO all in one day... LOL we talked about him winning the lottery and he would come out to Tucson for a visit... Grandpa going anywhere out of New Franklin Mo. would be a feat... LOL but Tucson... we discussed if he won the lottery i asked him if he could get us a new president, and he laughed and said something to the fact that all politicians are shady... and i told him about a promise i made to Grandma... she told me... now honey... if you dont do anything else that i say in your life... Always vote DEMOCRAT!!! so i have upheld that... then the conversation turned and Grandpa told me that Waldo Hundley had passed away... my heart just broke... i remember him from when i was just a wee child... his name was Waldo... and my Grandpa drove a bulldozer... so i called Waldo--Waldozer!!!  being so young and being brought up around my Grandparents alot when i was very young... I always remember ol' Waldozer bein there and he was my friend... i always enjoyed when he came around to visit my Pawpaw...  i found that he had passed away last week... he had been suffering before... and at least his suffering was finally over... He was a wonderful man... may you be in a better place and with all those that love you that will once again be with you...  you will always hold a special place in my life... Franklin won't be the same without you...

in the darkness, let there be Love&Light


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