Saturday, June 10, 2006

Purple Passion

I know i have been a lazy blog poster as of late... and i have no excuse really... well i kinda do, i updated my webpages... so as we learned before that counts for something doesn't it? Hope you enjoy them, ive taken up a theme... Purple Passion, purple is one of my all time favourite colors, so i thought i would share that with a webpage that brings out the bubbliness of my personality... also added to each page at the bottom is a home button so you can click on it instead of going to the top and hitting back to go to the base page... hope you like

Anitra, thank you so much for posting about Anna being pregnant... i was actually accosted when i came out of my room after just waking up by one of my roommates stating that they heard on the news that Anna was pregnant... and then i went to her website and there was the video, check it out, link is to the right

Just wanted to send my love to everyone and hope like the webpages



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