Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Remember the harmonica? "The Rose" and the eye "Patch"?

     Do you remember the adventures of mystery and danger as a harmonica played soulfully in the background? Maybe you might remember their theme songs, either "The Rose" or "Lady in Red"... if this would be ringing any bells... heres one last clue...The male lead of this "Super Couple" sported an eye patch, and his name? Steven Earl Johnson. If your still stumped, im refering to Days of Our Lives... the soap anyone can come back from the dead...

    Relax and don't worry... if you've strayed away from Days in the past because of outlandish plots that included Carly Manning being buried alive, or the saintly Dr. Marlena Evans North Craig Brady Brady/Black North and probably soon back to Black was possessed by Satan! Or remember the Kristen, and her double hired by her father... the fabulous Susan Banks who was part of quintuplits that had her portrayer on an episode or few played five characters... and one of them was even a guy... one of the Banks clan?  Or totally fumed over the senseless killings when many of our beloved favourites were knocked off one by one in the Salem Serial Killer mystery filled with so many twists and turns it had everyone talking... Especially when Alice Horton choked on her doughnuts? And then everyone who was killed were all found to be very much alive on the island replica of Salem... Sound outlandish? kinda... but i have to admit i thought it was very entertaining... But if you were one of the many that probably stopped tuning in to watch as the sands fell thru the hourglass... there is good news... The headwriter James E. Reilly has been replaced with a different head writer, i have to admit that im not sure of his name at the moment but i believe he was a former Emmy winning head writer of As the World Turns...

    I have to admit... James E. Reilly has done an outstanding job and is leaving the show in excellent shape... Many stories are exploding making way for new stories to emerge... The lead story? Supposedly widowed Jennifer is about to marry her teenage sweetheart Frankie... One of Jack's last wishes that Frankie was there for Jen upon his "death"...  Well come to find out, for awhile we the viewer have known that Jack is still alive and is in a hospital being subjected to an experimental treatment to cure his otherwise incurable disease... Enter an orderly that comes to wipe Jacks head in the hospital... Jack wakes up and see's the orderly in an eye patch and exclaims Steve! His long dead brother... Although the orderly has apparent amnesia and doesnt recognize his own brother? But Jack convinced Steve to have a blood test that proves without a doubt that they are indeed brothers! Together they are headed back to Salem... and in perfect Soap Opera timing... right after Jen and Frankie kiss after being pronounced man and wife... Jack opens up the church doors and Jen exclaims Jack!!! Meanwhile out in the cemetary behind the church... Kayla Brady who has returned for her brother Frankie's wedding has been flooded with memories of Steve... She is crying... and Steve walks up to her and asks if she is ok, Kayla recognizing the voice, is distraught as she turns around to see none other than her dead husband Steve!!!  She faints in his arms... He had been shown a picture from his wedding by Jack on the way to Salem and he realizes that this must be Kayla!!!   Another plot that has exploded and will cause another to explode even hotter... Lexie and Tec have been having a steamy affair because her husband Abe has been impotent and false pride has kept him from being close to his wife... Someone has left a note that Abe found that led him to the seedy motel where he found his wife Lexie and Tec underneath the sheets... and now Lexie who thinks it was Sami that exposed her tawdry affair is going to make Sami pay... although Sami is actually innocent as far as not being the one who exposed the affair... Sami is responsible for blackmailing Lexie (because she knew Lexie was having an affair with Tec) into telling Carrie that she wouldn't be able to have any children with Austin because after genetic testing they have a gene that could cause the baby to have birth affects, which lead Carrie into Austin's brothers arms... which has made Lucas very happy and now him and Carrie are engaged to be married and expecting their first child together... well now since Lexie's secret is exposed, and thinking it was Sami who exposed her dirty deeds you can bet that secret is going to come out at this ill fated wedding for Jennifer and Frankie...

    And wondering about Bo and Hope?  well right now they are seperated and she has signed divorce papers but are hopefully on their way back together... no thanks to Bo's daughter with Billie, whomboth found out last year that their daughter was not still born, but had been raised by a family right there in Salem and was a friend of Jennifer's daughter with Jack... Abby... Chelsea has been a handful, and is just like her Grandmother Kate... a manipulative, lying, decietful, hateful little bitch!!! sorry to be so harsh... but Chelsea needs to learn a lesson... why you ask? because while driving, she was trying to talk on her cell phone and hit something in the road... she keeps driving unaware she had hit her little brother Zach, Bo and Hope's son!!!  She recently was sentenced after evidence disappeared from the evidence room (thanks to Kate paying off someone in the police department) and only recieved 200 hours of community service... which is not enough to teach this little harpie a lesson... Needless to say Hope and Chelsea do not see eye to eye and Chelsea wants to see her mother and father, Billie and Bo back together maybe Max Brady will be able to tame the hellion? Tune in tomorrow to the continuing story of Days of Our Lives... it will excite you... i have to say that the new head writer is coming at an exciting time... lets see if he can keep the drama moving without the outlandish plots and focus more on real life dramas that Days has been famous for... give it another chance... It will EXCITE YOU!!!

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