Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boredom? or Perfect Contentment?

just got off the phone with my friend... he said he was bored, i agreed with him that i was bored to, but was that because in my mind altered state i had to question, was it that i was really bored as well, or was i actually just calling my sitting around surfin on the computer boring, when in all actuality i was in a place of perfect contentment? Just the ring of the telephone and being online still hasnt really phased me to much yet... but it is alot better than the person that was trying to call always getting a busy signal now never calls... well if you wanna try to call and now you get a answering machine, leave a message after the beep and ill call you back... well the phone rang again, and im on my way to get him... and just hang out... have a great day and i hope all that was confusing enough for ya... guess im just a cornfusing gurl huh?...  

well i gotta get going ,but lets just cover the issue of lying about your age on the internet... if your going to hook up  with someone don't lie to much cuz its going to catch up with you when they see you... so dont try saying your 42 when in actuality your probably 57... sheez.... unless you can successfully pull it off where no one is the wiser... dont you wish you could run your hands allover my smooth creamy 26 year old flesh...   ; )




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