Saturday, February 25, 2006

two times in one day...or time heals?

well, after workin all day at Parker, dialing who knows where asking about men's suits...  LOL there were some very nice people, but then there were also some real bitches... and the studip ass girl in front of me when i went to ask her what project she waived her hand like she just couldnt be bothered by me... ive heard about the witch before from other people, she won't talk to anyone, as if she is better than everyone else there... well i have news for you you snotty assed ugly bitch... your not worth my time... there now i feel better getting that off my incredibly boosoming breasts....

speaking of boosiming, (and you know... i have no idea if i spelled that right but now im noticing a little spell check button up above... i can edit my ass... LOL) if i wanna go thru all that... why be proper right now? who are we kidding? you like me alot better when im not... maybe im a bitch, maybe im rude, crude and socially unacceptable... but you must agree... its a lot more fun to be me... but to know me you must know me well, and must admit i do have a bit of a heart... its so HARD to be Me!!!

in other news... time heals... so im not as pissed as i was this morning because i was looking forward to gettin all gussied up for a nite on the town... and i do expect a full big apology about turning around things that were said and weren't said and making other plans... but now...  im kinda happy im not going to have to live thru Hurricane CONNIE tonite...  referring to the huge mess she leaves behind... im loosing tenses arent i?  well you know i got knocked for it when i was in college... but this is only my blog so i guess it doesnt really count... its all grammatical to me... ill get over it, i always do, because in someways i can place myself into another man's shoes, and actually feel what it feels like to be you... understanding is the name of the game, whether you belive or deny, they all could be the same... why am i ryhming so... gee, i wonder? Golly i dont know... LOL



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