Sunday, March 5, 2006

a moment to blog

well... havent been watching to much of the Oscar's... but I'm glad to have seen that Brokeback Mountain has won a few awards so far!!! whooo hooo... lets show the world that love is a force of nature... no matter what sex you are...  just added some links but was lookin for some fun sites to go to... if you have any fun sites that you go to send me a link... would love to browse something different... i guess i could go to google huh?  send me some idea's... and if i find anything interesting i'll add it to my list of links to go to... i see that i can add more... how many will they let me add? i should just go surfing and find some exciting sites to share with you... cant believe that the oscars are over at nine thirty?  thats odd... thought for sure it would go til ten... oh well... goin surfin... luv you all



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