Friday, March 10, 2006

P R O J E C T late

well just wanted to report what i thought about the PROJECT RUNWAY finale...  after closely watching the final three display their clothes at OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK, and rewinding the ol trusty VCR and watching it a second time in my mind i knew the winner... but it was really a tough decision...  Daniel had some fabulous stuff... i like his neck lines, and that lil dress with pockets that you can put your hands into... but i wasnt to fond of his color palettes...  Chloe had some fabulous things... i really like the detail, and their excellent backs, and i thought to myself, she really knows the female figure... then Santino line was all beautiful, but as they said on the show, the breast just werent falling where they should... and they did seem a bit subdued from what he presented through out the whole show... his line was incredibly cohesive... and everything he designed was remarkable... but in my mind i knew it was Chloe that would win, so then i watched the ending... Santino was the first off... then Chloe was announced the winner of PROJECT RUNWAY!!!  i guessed it...  they all thre were fabulous designers and deserve to go far in their careers

love and kisses


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anitraluvsconnie said...

hi connie! i had computer problems myself and couldn't get here till now. do you like my new screen name? i knew santino wasn't going to win, but i was surprised chloe got it. have you watched project jay yet? jay is sooo funny. love you and take care of yourself.