Monday, December 12, 2005

the blahs of blogging

well i am always apologizing for not coming and having something witty to say... well sometimes... they dont always come to me... sure i could sit here and talk about anything and go on meandering journeys that eventually will be lost upon space and time... it makes you question... does it really matter? who really gives a flyin  _ _ _ _?

LOL smile... don't take life to seriously... i mean do go after what you want in life... and follow your dreams... but don't take life personally... there are going to be good days and bad days... and whether your having one or the other, doesnt it really take more time to be angry? Life is to short... don't waste it... enjoy it... its the little things that mean the most...

as for life... it is the middle of december... and i have been painting alot of ornaments... should have them posted on here by the weekend...!!! i think im going to call my new screenname that im going to set up the webpage under will be called LilHoochiBalls... i wonder what that name could be referring to? It really makes me wonder...(to the tune of stairway to heaven... who ever knew that this blonde was a Zepplin fan... well i have to say that i once read an article where an interviewer asked Madonna what music she listens to while filming her sex scenes (for the movie of Body of Evidence... i think which is an excellent film despite the stupid critics panning... who else could drip candle wax and pour champagne on a man's crotch so well?) and she told the reporter that some of the music she listens to is Led Zepplin...  hows that for a fact?  LOL put that in your Zepplin and smoke it...


C o N s T a N cE

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