Thursday, August 11, 2005


Olivia Newton-John... what can I say?  Her voice is the voice of an ANGEL, and now she has teamed up with Hallmark and has released a brand new CD available only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores... why Hallmark you ask?  Because her new CD STRONGER THAN BEFORE is an album of inspiration to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen foundation... the CD is only $9.95 and two dollars from every CD goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Although I may be an Olivia fan anyway, I have to say this is one of OLIVIA's best CD's!!!  The song "When I Needed You" moves me to tears... it was written by Ben Thomas, who was once in a movie in 1970 called Toomorrow... the song is his interpretation of how people who love one another can stay forever connected in the world of imagination and dreams... POWERFUL SONG!!!

The album consists of ten tracks, nine of which are brand new, and one song is an oldie but a goodie... it is Don't Stop Believing-- recorded new in a catchy bossa nova remix complete with beautiful background tracks of OLIVIA on background vocals as well...  Every song on this new collection of music really shines with an uplifting message that gives hope and inspiration to anyone who has ever been or known someone who had been changed by cancer.

Not only are we graced by Olivia's beautiful voice, in track number 3 Phenomonal Woman, Olivia is joined by other women on this track including Delta Goodrum, Amy Sky, Mindy Smith, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Amy Holland, Diahann Carroll & Pattie LaBelle!   WOW! what a collection of artist all on one track!  The song was actually a poem written by none other than Maya Angelou!!! Oprah... Do you hear that?  you should have Olivia on your show to discuss this brand new CD!! I am aware you are a big fan of Maya...

well i wanna get off the computer now, but ill come back later and tell more about this amazing CD!!!

Love & Light to everyone!!! Pass it On!!!



jazura1 said...

Hi Connie

Do you know David Spade is an Olivia fan? I saw him on Ellen talking about how he met her. He bought her old house or something. Have you seen Being Bobby Brown? I don't get Bravo anymore. Happy Graduation!!!!

constancestone said...

yeah i had seen something in the Only Olivia Message board room about his admiration for her... i havent seen being bobby brown yet... i would love to see crackhead whitney in action... lol
love you