Friday, March 18, 2005

all afternoon and its finally done

well... i have to report that i have finally gotten some pictures posted onto a webpage... to share my designs that finally saw their light of day at the runway show at the hotel congress on tuesday nite. im tired of being on the computer because it took for ever... but i did make it on a link in my favourite sites if you would like to check it out.

love and light

Constance... let me know what you think of my fashions... pretty pretty please


jazura1 said...

They looked good. I'm so proud of you. Keep on creating.

sethdavis201 said...

girl you really impress me with the stuff you've accomplished in such a short time. and your designs rock. hope all is well and good luck.

Hey Troy!!!
 What's up man?  Totally miss you!!  Loved the hot clothing line, a business like "Fredericks of Hollywood" would only profit from your abilities.  What a great way to express yourself and be yourself.  
 Hey, when is your graduation?  Mondo and I wanted to maybe rent a car and do the road-trip thing to your graduation.  It'd be great to see you and spend some time together.  Let us know!!!  
 Good luck with your clothing designs and take care... love you!!!

constancestone said...

its so good to hear from you guys... you really keep me inspired... thank you so much... I always love hearing from my friends...

Love & Light