Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Project Runway

just wanted to comment on Project Runway... its been a wild and bumpy ride... but finally it has come to a finale... out of twelve fashion designers, only three remained... Wendy, Kara Saun and Jay... and they had to produce twelve pieces for a runway show... all of the designs were fabulous, each designers style really showing thru... but after the runway show, finally, one by one they were voted off leaving only one designer... the first to be voted off was Wendy... thru this episode i was actually rooting for her... next to be eliminated was Kara Saun, I have to say that i really loved her designs... it had to be a really hard decision... But Jay was chosen the winner of Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!   Way to go Jay!!!!!!!!!!! your designs are FABULOUS... and then they asked him, what do you plan to do now... his response... Go smoke a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!  I laughed so hard!!!  Project Runway... dont miss it if they show repeats... it is wonderful...

love and light


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