Monday, September 5, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

a week later and the tragedy from hurricane Katrina continues...  i have to admit when i first heard that it had happened i would not watch the news or anything... but then after a few days after it happened my friend convinced me to watch the news...  part of the reason that i couldnt turn it on was because i remember after 911 and watching the news for days, i just couldnt force myself to see anymore tragedy... but after he convinced me to watch it all i could do was break down and cry... my heart goes out to everyone affected by the devastation of this natural disaster... there is alot of fingerpointing at who is to blame... but any of my readers know full well who i hold responsible... i wont mention his name... but lets just say that i have deeper admiration for Kanye West after he spoke from his heart on the NBC concert to raise money for the Katrina disaster...  way to go Kanye!!! you are an American and you do have freedom of speech... i know that is one of our constitutional amendments... the freedom to speak our minds... 

i guess i should go now before i begin "dub-ya" bashing...



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