Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the village idiot has escaped and he's giving a speach tonite

well,  the title pretty much says it all, tonite is that state of the union speach... im ready to roll my eyes as the stupidity rolls from his mouth like diahrehea squirting out of a sh*thole... how could everyone who voted for the idiot live with themselves...?  and all of the dear troops that are over fighting for our freedom in a war that should have never been started... and all the lives that we have lost so far that just keep adding up... when will this madness end? when will someone get some sense and have him court marshalled and taken care of the same way they took care of Saddam... im sure we could sell tickets for the event and maybe start paying off this trillion dollar war? then we could sell it on DVD as well... that would raise more money... and im sure its a video that we could sell around the world... and the voice over music could be DING DONG THE DICK IS DEAD (to the tune of ding dong the witch is dead) i have to say i will always support the troops because they are just doing what they are told... but as for the idiot pulling the strings... ITMFA!!!!



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