Thursday, November 4, 2004


Im just so speachless... another four years of that village idiot incharge of our country...  Well, I think if he really wants to heal a devicsive nation... he will do his best to try to think(I KNOW ITS HARD FOR HIM) like a democrat once and awhile, and do what the people want for a change instead of going after is Middle Eastern OIL.  Or... do it all together for all i care... just be a good president for us... and don't try using the Constitution to take away rights from anyone... Anyone, including myself might want to marry someday... and might want as many last names as ELIZABETH TALOR has on her marriage certificates... LOL not really i want true love... but it can always be fun for a gurl to just ramble huh?  I know ive done plenty of it in my life... and i just want to say... If you cant DAZZLE them with BRILLIANCE... BAFFLE them with BULLSH*T....

love you all


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