Thursday, November 25, 2004


Just wanted to type a lil blurb in here about being Thankful...  On a day to say thank you to all... or most anyway...  id like to shout out a quick thank you... to... well i dont know who for cuz i havent really thought this out before blurbbing...  and this music is making it a bit mind racing for me to grasp and concentrate... so id like to say thank you to all the turkeys that had to die so that we could eat them today... and id also like to say that i am thankful for the stuffing today cuz it was really good... now if i could just get a real life stuffing.... well, it would just be so nice... anyho...  Id like to thank all of the Troops that are over fighting for us (I havent figured out why they are fighting yet for sure) but i just pray for your safety and hope you return to your homes and families very soon... I know that they all miss you...  This is an issue that has bothered me since this war has started...  everytime i see the troops in the news, and hearing about some getting killed it really makes me angry... why are we fighting this senseless war?  send in some secret agent operatives, make this a big cloak and daggers mystery case... and catch the people you need to catch... and save our troops... We Love you all... May God be with you.

well back to the thankful topic...  Im thankful that im alive and able to type this today... sorry i got a little off cue on the war, but it just really upset me when i seen the troops being served thanksgiving dinner and i know how much that they would like to have an opportunity to be at home with their loved ones...    Im also thankful that Im back online... i experienced two days with no internet... OH NO!!!

shout out to all those i love...  May your thanksgiving be happy and bright...

Love and Light


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