Monday, June 14, 2004


well... nothing witty to write... at the moment... just trying to procrastinate before having to do my homework... i had to write a paper this weekend... it had to be five pages, and i wrote mine on the Psychedelic 60's and its effects on women's fashion.  I learned some interesting stuff and im sure its going to inspire my work... how bout a 60's flashback... PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS... MAKE LOVE NOT WAR... AND IN NOVEMBER... JUST SAY NO TO BUSH!!!!   well ill try to post more soon... but to leave you with... ill include my Historical fashion inspired by the Greek/Roman age of history... enjoy




jazura1 said...

Pretty dress. I hope you're doing well. I went and saw "Chronicles of Riddick". I mostly just looked at Vin Diesel. Isn't that what you're suspose to do?

constancestone said...

AWWW Sweetie... Its so good to hear from you... Im glad you like my dress... I really liked my card you sent me... and I also got your mail with Atheena winning Miss Gay Missouri... The nicest thing i can say for her is..."Good for her"  she's worked really hard for it.   Sometime I'd love to talk with you on the telephone and tell you an earful...  
hugs and kisses and i miss you


jazura1 said...

Did you watch the Madonna interview on 20/20? I can't believe she's 45.