Saturday, July 17, 2004


well i guess its been since last sunday so i guess i left a cliffhanger wondering if i was going to find another job...  well... after going to church last Sunday, the following monday i went to a call center and got hired!!! Whooo Hooo... so i will be doing political surveys over the tele... telephone that is...  I dont mind doing it... they are research studies... no selling involved... so you never know... if you hear someone calling you and asking if they can speak to someone 18 years of age or older who is a registered voter... It could be me!!! SO DONT HANG UP!!!!  BE NICE... LOL

Well need to get going... hope to post more soon

love ya lots



jazura1 said...

Way to go on getting another job!!! Has Connie made any public appearances? I miss Connie. She's alot of fun and I've learned things from her. When you hit a wall just keep on going. I heard on the news that there's wildfires in Arizona. Are you affected? I hope not. Good luck on your new job!! Love ya!

constancestone said...

Nope no fires here... so im safe so far... whooo hooo