Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Linda Rondstadt is my HERO!!!

Before she sang her encore Saturday nite at the Aladdin hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Tucson native,(and she still lives here) Linda Rondstadt called filmmaker Michael Moore a "great American patriot"  and "someone who is spreading the truth."    After saying this... she was booed off stage... Well if i had been there i would have gave her a standing ovation and Yelled... Amen Sista!!!!   Somebody take that idiot out of office and send him back to texas where i hear a village is missing their idiot!!!

Just say NO to BUSH in '04, lets get our country back to being a happy place to live, and lets get our TROOPS back here where they belong... they've been over there long enough... and no weapons of mass destruction have been found... whats up with that? Bad intelligence?  Hell they ought to give me a job... sounds like im overqualified!!!

love you all


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