Sunday, July 4, 2004

O L I V I A newton-john: Many things coming this fall...

I have been a fan of Olivia Newton-John since i was a small child... I remember the cover of her Clearly Love album... she was in a pool of water... the picture only showing shoulders up to top of head... her hair was pulled up... and I thought that it was the Bionic Woman (Lindsey Wagner).  LOL.  My mother had to explain to me that was not Lindsey Wagner... It was Olivia Newton-John...  I was in love... and as I grew, I discovered not only was Olivia was not only beautiful on the outside, but her personality just beamed "What a lovely person"... maybe thats why some call her 'Lovely Livvy'.

My dear friend has bought me a FRONT ROW TICKET!!! to see Olivia in Tucson!!!  I can't wait... Im so excited...    BUT... not only do I have to wait for the concert, but she has some other exciting irons in the fire that are about to see their way to release this fall...   1. a long awaited BOX SET!!!! celebrating 30+ year career. 2. A new Album... has been produced by the famous Phil Ramone, is an album of covers including songs by Joan Baez, Karen Carpenter, and Dionne Warwick! The album is actually to be released in Austrailia in September or October in Austrailia, and then probably a later american release date... But I'll be ordering mine from CDnow so i will have it when its released!!! 3. rumblings of another album done with her nephew Brett Goldsmith... who produced the fabulous "Best of My Love" a little dance ditty that i think could put Ms. Newton-John back on the top of the charts here in America where she deserves to be... Move over Britney!!!  

Olivia's last release...simply titled (2) was an album of all new duets with various people including... Keith Urban, Darren Hayes(from Savage Garden), Tina Arena, Human Nature, Billy Thorpe, David Campbell, Richard Marx, Michael McDonald + others...   Olivia began her career in the 60's in Austrailia as a teen, then had her first hit in 1971 with the song If not for you... a song written by Bob Dylan. Her career soared thru the seventies, as she sang country-pop long before Shania Twain...  then with the release of Grease... Olivia was beginning to take a turn to a more sultry side as Sandy 2 emerged in Grease clad into Black pants she had to be sewn into for the final scene with John Travolta!!! and the release of the album Totally Hot... 1980 was the release of Xanadu... althought it flopped... I still love it.... just watched it a week ago at my friends house while takin care of her Kitty...  then 1981 Olivia had the biggest hit of her career with the release of Physical...  In 1983 she had another movie with John Travolta... Two of a Kind, which spawned the top 5 hit Twist of Fate...   During this time... Madonna was writhling her way to the top so in 1985, management tarted up Olivia's act with the release of the album Soul Kiss...  The video for the title track wasnt as sexy as the director actually wanted because Olivia was pregnant...  The album, one of my very favourites, was quite steamy for the time, the title track had her wailing " somewhere there is a heart thats waiting to take a ride on your Soul Kiss...  it was ahead of its time... tune in for pt 2 on olivia's career in my blog... SOON!!!

love Constance


jazura1 said...

It would be so great if you got to meet her. I missed your posts. I'm glad you're back. Love ya.

constancestone said...

I love coming to read what you have to say!!!