Thursday, July 29, 2004


I was sent this email the other day from my dear friend Kathryn Conover... I thought it was very funny and true...

This is a quote from an email that my good friend Poobearme sent to me, and I'd like to thank him. It is this quote that has finally made my decision as to whom I'm going to rally for in the 2004 election. I cannot tell you how very proud I am of our President and the decisions he's made while in office. I think that every american should be proud of the Bush legacy and this quote is evidence of that. God bless America!

NEWSWEEK reports that President Bush, appearing before a right-to-life
rally in Tampa, Florida, on June 17, stated: "We must always remember
that all human beings begin life as a feces.  A feces is a living being
in the eyes of God, who has endowed that feces with all of the rights
and God-given blessings of any other human being."  The audience
listened in disbelief as the President repeated his error at least a
dozen times, before realizing that he had used the word "feces" when
he meant to say "fetus."

If this quote doesn't make it clear to every American of the choice for Presidency, then you're even more stupid than Bush himself. Dumb ass. If you vote for the bastard I think you should be put on the same boat to the Burmuda Triangle that he belongs on. And if you're gay and you vote for him, you should just plain be shot and hung in the town square, because you are an evil traitor to the gay world.

Thanks for giving me a moment of your time.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did... What a true DUMBASS!!! He's dumber than me and I'm a blonde...



doolaw said...

AMEN Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

jazura1 said...

Are you sure Bush isn't a blonde?

doolaw said...

Thats a horrible thing to say about blondes honey...  they may be dumb... but they are definately more perky and cute compared to Bush who is just an idiot with no excuse...

jazura1 said...

I'm just kidding!! I'm a blonde also.

constancestone said...

LOL I know that sweetie... that was my other screenname... LOL
love ya

sweetthingw1 said...

well what can you say, everyone makes mistakes and it shows that he's only human. I think Bush will be re elected just because he's doing a great job running this country. As for the gay comment, he's tryen to keep this country's dignity intact, and letting gays get married is a disgrace to not only our country, but to God as well. More power to the president for standing up for his beliefs. Without him, this world is headed straight to hell.

constancestone said...

Well what can i say... but I'm gay... and so i guess if the country is headed to hell... George W. Bush must be driving...   who gave him a drivers licence anyway?