Thursday, March 4, 2004

My first Blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my Blogs...  I promise to try to keep things very interesting around here... as i can share my mind on many subjects...  but one might wonder how i can spare so much of my mind when i do not have much to begin with...  Well thats easy... most people are stuck thinking inside boxes... but i believe you should think outside... and I myself prefer to think outside Circles cuz there is no beginning and no end... so you don't get caught in a corner...   Since this is my first blog... i guess im breaking my blog virginity huh?   the first blogs that i ever read were on RuPaul's website    Very interesting use of blogging and I hope to only be half as entertaining than the Diva RuPaul...   But I hope to be very entertaining where you just can't help but to bring yourself back to the trainwreck that happens daily in my little blonde head...



1 comment:

huey4u said...

Dearest Constance,

You never cease to amaze me with your endless chatter and your blonde moments. I always enjoyed getting updates to your webpages and I think this is going to work out a whole lot better for you. At the rate you're going, though, you're going to blog yourself out! :)

Much Love from your dear sister!!!

~Aieta Buffet