Sunday, March 28, 2004

Homework? Or Dark Forces?

WELL...  It's Sunday...two weeks of school down... fifty eight more weeks to go...  I will be so glad when this ism class is over... its making me have brain anurisms... But... hopefully i will pass the class with a good grade for participation... and perfect attendance...  Been working on homework all afternoon yesterday and all morning today... how do people do all that and still stay sain?   Although ive never claimed to have an ounce of sanity at all... I always seem that i hold it all together somehow...  Maybe the corsets to tight...

In other news... MARLENA ran out of the house the other day after TOM HORTON'S ghost appeard and told her to "Get out of this house now!"  So ALICE HORTON is still alive... she called JOHN BLACK to tell him that MARLENA was the serial killer and that she is about to kill her...

happy end of the weekend to you... sorry its been so long since posting


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