Wednesday, March 24, 2004

O L I V I A... in Tucson AZ...september!!!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you that i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! O L I V I A... (Newton-John for the slow) is going to be at the Desert Diamond Casino right here in Tucson AZ!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!   If i can see O L I V I A  &  M A D O N N A in the same year... how exciting will that be for me!!!!!!!  O L I VI A is a definate... but unless M A D O N N A will come somewhere a bit closer... I dont know about the trip to Vegas... anyone want to come and give me a limo ride there?   Hell... I'll even ride in a cab if somebody pays my way!!!  

in other news... finished my third day of my second week of school... the teacher really liked my swimsuits... so now next week we have to take three of our fashions and turn them into technical drawings... so someone could look at it and make a pattern from it if needed to... and we also have to do career wear next week... Do you think it would be ok if i designed clothes for the "working girl" that would stand on street corners?   That is a chosen career field for some...

until next time... love  you all lots... C O N S T A N C E


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