Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sunday Blues

well its Sunday... and the only thing i have to do is homework...  what a lovely sunday... maybe something exciting will come up later... you never know what life can throw your way...  and if life throws you lemons...  im sure it will taste good in some kind of cocktail!!




jazura1 said...

Hi Connie I just wanted to say hi. Dolly Parton was hosting the CMT's Flameworthy video awards. She said that there will be no wardrobe malfunctions, but she said if there was she would wipe out the 1st 3 rows. I love Dolly. If I ever become rich we'll go to Dollywood so we can try and meet her. Maybe she would let you have one of her wigs!!! Love you.

constancestone said...

i wanted to watch that with Dolly on it... and i also wanted to see VH1 Divas... but hopefully for both they repeat them...  great to hear from you sweetie... miss you