Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lifes Simple Pleasures

once a month i enjoy lifes simple pleasures... anyone who knows me well, know that i love collecting Wonder Woman... and today was NEW ISSUE DAY!!!  Whoo Hooo...  and to make the day even better... my very dear friend took me... it was so nice of him... thank you Baby!!!  It was appreciated!   One more day and week six of school is out of my way... and if i look at it like this... after next week... I will have basically a year left of school... i just have to keep telling myself... you can do it...   getting ready to drift away into the realms of morpheus... until the next blog... Peace Out!!!   PS... i survived 420!!!   whooo hoooooo

love to all and kisses too



jazura1 said...

Did you watch divas live on VH1? Do you consider Jessica Simpson a diva?

doolaw said...

I actually missed Divas Live... but im sure that they will repeat it more than once... last year my friend and her girlfriend went to see it in vegas because it just happened to be something that was going on while they were there...  And yes... even though she gets cornfused on whether Chicken of the Sea is Chicken or Tuna you have to give the girl credit... she did marry a very hot hunk... and she sure can belt out a power ballad...  Remember "I'm gonna love you forever"?

good to hear from you sweetie

tucsondesigner1 said...

Awwwwwww, your welcome sweetie.