Thursday, April 1, 2004

The Passion of Christ: A Blonde's Review

well... i did it... i went to see Mel Gibson's  "The Passion of Christ"  just to find out what all the hooplah is about...   I have to say that the movie moved me to tears... but I think it was just to see someone being Whipped and beaten so badly... and his mother Mary there watching... i was feeling the pain and horror that a mother must feel to see her child being whipped and beaten so badly...  I sometimes had a bit of a time with the subtitles... if i might misread something i would try to go back and read it again... and then they would already have the next blurb up there and i would miss what they said... Some would say that i need to go back and see it again so i could catch what i missed...  but i have to say...  Once is enough for me... I really do not like violence and bloodshed...  Days of our Lives is pushing it with me...  But just thinking all that Jesus did for us... and to be treated like he was treated... And He forgave them all!!!   Thats a lesson for everyone to take notice of... Forgive Your Neighbor... Forgive your enemy... Forgive all those who tresspass against you...  If everyone could just try their best to emmulate the kind wonderful man that Jesus was... the world would be in a much better state... Amen... and Just say NO! to BUSH!!!      Sorry if you might have thought i had taken up the collar and was preachin... but i have to say... i did get an inspirational message out of the movie... and my tear ducts finally dried up... but are about to be openend again as i begin to soon watch Thursdays Episode of Days...  yesterdays cliffhanger was a real one... Marlena fell off the balcony and was plummeting to the ground... with Sami down on the ground screaming at the top of her lungs at John...   Like Sands thru the Hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives...



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