Wednesday, April 7, 2004

a blog to be blogging?

I have to say that i recently had the chance to listen to Olivia Newton-John's dance single Best of My Love... it was produced by her nephew Brett Goldsmith in Austrailia...  I have always wanted some Olivia dance material and this song is FABULOUS!!!   I wish she was able to get a really big publicity event together and release this song during all the hooplah...  With Radio play... this song could be the launching board Olivia so deserves to get back on the top of the charts... but she will always be at the top of my Chart...  when i find it... ill post a link to Bretts website so you can enjoy BEST OF MY LOVE too!

well day three of week four is down for school...  for homework for my fashion design class we have to do ten fashion drawings of ethnic wear...  I think i might research what Aussies wear since i adore Olivia!!!   Wish me luck... will blog later...

juicy kisses to you all


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