Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy 4-20-04

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 420... its April 20th and tax season has went... i think today was created just to relax and get rid of all the stress that the tax season may have been for you... So just sit back and enjoy this laid back day... its a day that is important to many... even my boss at work had said... in twenty minutes its going to be 420, so its pretty much a very important day for many!!!  Hope it is a great day for you.

just wanted to drop in a bit of a Days of Our Lives update...  today was so funny... John had came back from the cafeteria with some soup for Marlena who is handcuffed to the hospital bed cuz she is believed to be the Salem Serial Killer.  She starts speaking a Demonic voice and her eyes were glowing green!!!  She started Spewing Green Pea soup from her mouth at john so he was covered in it... then she uses some sort of heat vision and melts the handcuffs off the bed... she flies up in the air and strangles John! Laughing telling him its over...    Then she wakes up from her dream... LOL. it was hilarious...   So then John takes her to the Chapel where Bo and Hope,  Shawn and Belle have all arrived... they are there to meet the Priest... the Priest begins his testings to see if Marlena is really Possesed again... 

Repossessed!!!!  LOL... not only do cars get reposssessed... apparantly Marlena is going to be as well!!!LOL

happy 420


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