Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thru The Purple Haze: The Beginning,aka Chapter 1 pt1

    Like all stories... they have a beginning, a middle and and end... this story doesn't have the ending written yet, but it does have a beginning and plenty of middle, and will be full of a bunch of psychoanilization  to find out who in this world i truly am... what i was brought into this world to be, and plenty of questions that might get answered as i go thru and tell everything that i can remember, and how it affected me as a person to drive me to who i am now and who i could be in the future... so lets re begin this story at the beginning... where it all started...

           Once upon a time... in a small city in Missouri, a beautiful young girl was in a hospital, she was barely 18... She was about to give birth... but she was only 7 1/2 months pregnant so the baby would be premature.  She had a family that loved her very much, and made sure she knew that they would be there for her no matter what... considering the baby's father didn't want anything to do with this child... and his lovely mother even tried to convince this young girl to have an abortion... The two families were filled with hatred for each other... and the innocent one was about to enter this world...    

     on November 4th, 1970 the premmie entered this world, less than five pounds... the baby would have to remain in the hospital for over a month to be over five pounds so it could leave the hospital (why is it now i never have a problem gaining weight?) Born to the world was a beautiful baby with big blue eyes, blonde hair, complete with a white streak that Grandma pointed out in the incub... The baby was well loved by its Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and plenty of Aunts, Uncles and Great Aunts, and beautiful wise Great Grandmothers...  Just no Father around...  but that is a factor that will weigh in thru out the story... the story has only just begun... stay tuned for the next installment... until then

all my love


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