Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long time no see...

sometimes i forget to write anything... but sometimes there is nothing to write... and actually when im on here im not writing anything anyway because instead im actually typing... but what if the typewriter or computer for that matter were not invented... where would we be? reading a book? LOL im sure there are other things that i could think of instead of reading...

where have i been you ask? or where am i going for that matter? to be honest i do not know... but if i find my way ill holler... not that im really lost, but if i was could i be found?  well i am now seeing that aol has added the option to here for video... and here i have been posting away on my other blog...  with various findings from youtube... check it out... it will excite you...!!!



a shout out goes to Anitra who has given birth to baby Catherine Marie... i can't wait to meet her... im sure she is keeping Mommy and Daddy John pretty busy... if they send me a pic i will share on here...  all my love and best wishes darlin... every time i tried to call you were sleepin... gettin ready to have a baby has got to be exhausting... and now all the feedings and the dirty diapers... ill be there in spirit helping... Love You

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